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Please help us to safeguard the future of the Meads Village Allotments.


As most of you will be aware, the current owners of the Meads Village Allotments, Grainger Plc, have decided to sell and have expressed a wish that the sale should be to a company controlled by the residents of Meads.  A community interest company with purely charitable objectives has been set up to purchase the allotments to ensure their long-term future as an amenity for the local community of Meads. It has been decided that the MCA should have a leading role in this.


Many people have very kindly offered to help and to provide funds. As a Meads resident a payment of £1.00 will entitle you to become a shareholder/member of the company giving you voting rights at meetings.  As well as paying for your £1 share please feel free to make a donation to further support the company’s objectives. 


We need as many people as possible to take up this offer, so if you would like to become a member of the company and help us, please complete the form below and return it to : MCA PO Box 3225 Eastbourne BN21 9RU

Meads Village Allotments Share Application
Please download and compete to secure the Village Allotments and have your say at shareholder meetings.
Allotments leaflet final.docx
Microsoft Word document [2.5 MB]

This form can be downloaded please see above.

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