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Please support us to Save Meads Parish Hall


The Parish Hall has suddenly been closed for safety reasons and all events and hiring in the run up to Christmas have been cancelled.  
During the course of this year a working group, under the auspices of the Meads Community Association, has been in discussions with the church authorities to take over the building and update it to modern day standards.  The detailed work and due diligence done on this project has revealed that parts of the hall need immediate remedial work. 
The future of the hall is at serious risk which is why we need your support to reopen it as soon as possible.  If it is closed over the winter (other than a short period to make it safe) it will be left empty, unheated and will deteriorate further, possibly to the extent that it will be permanently closed.
This hall is the centre of the local community, it has good access with public transport nearby and is regularly used by local community groups with a wide range of activities.
Closure, for other than a short term, will mean local groups who regularly use the hall will find an alternative venue which will impact its future economic viability.

We are asking the MCA, residents of Meads and users of the Parish Hall to express their support for the campaign by our local community to take over the responsibility for the repair and running of the hall to preserve its use as a Meads community centre.


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St John's Parish Hall is on the corner of Meads Road and Meads Street.  It is a popular venue for many community events, including dance classes, club meetings, and children's parties, as well as the church's weekly Coffee morning.  For more information and bookings please contact the Church Administrator on 01323 738671 or



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