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Meads is now designated as an urban village which is recognised as part of the town of Eastbourne.


A street by street survey by the Meads Community Association in 2003 established that many of the elm trees planted over 100 years ago had been lost due to disease and other causes.  Meads residents funded the replacement of the missing trees to restore the tradition of tree-lined boulevards.  When the elm trees, originally planted by the Duke, reached maturity it was intended that they could be felled and used to construct or repair the beach groynes.


Council budget restrictions have resulted in many of the Victorian red brick pavements being replaced by black tarmac.  The Council has now agreed that, in a restricted number of roads where much of the original paving remains, future repairs wil use reclaimed bricks to preserve this special feature of Meads streets.


For a directory of all that happens on Meads Street please see the Discover Meads Village website.

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